Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brigthman

Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman

Thousands of people die every day around the world … Of course, loved ones do not forget them, but over time, the memory goes away … Fortunately WHOSDIED is there to welcome and collect on the canvas, the memory of these beings that we loved, and with whom we shared so much.

Because WHOSDIED is not an announcement site but an exceptional place to remember.

WHOSDIED is a free site, which is why it would be interesting for you to answer all the questions asked sincerely; whatever the degree of kinship or knowledge that you had with the disappeared, you are welcome on WHOSDIED. The information (photos and videos) that you bring will be recorded for life and will enlighten present and future generations on history, the lives of those who left us too early.

Content of the importance of the number of requests there will be a delay of at least 3 month, between the reception of the information and the putting on line of this one. In many cases, for one reason or another, there are no pictures of the deceased ..